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Metro-Mold SRL is a national pharmaceutical company Welcome to Metro-Mold SRL official website. Metro-Mold SRL is a national pharmaceutical company located in the Republic of Moldova.

We have been operating our business since 2007, working as a pharmaceutical deposit, specialized in distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Metro-Mold's stated mission is to provide better health for patients from Moldova through the supply of innovating medical products from world-known drug manufacturers, and we conduct our business accordingly. Our mission is to provide patients with superior pharmaceutical agents.

We understand that our business as a pharmaceutical company involves people's lives and we realize that the expectations of patients and their families on the innovating treatments are real. Metro-Mold therefore strives to use all its business resources like personnel, capital and information in order to realize our goals to contribute to the health of our society.

We fulfill our duty as a pharmaceutical company, at maintaining harmony within our organization, at making a contribution to society and at keeping all our members satisfied. This can be achieved by means of concentrated efforts with all of us in the organization working as a team.

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